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San Jacinto River Dredging

A 150 ton crane towers skyward as it moves a modular barge platform along the banks of the San Jacinto River last week. U.S Army Corps of Engineer contractors are busy constructing a staging area for the FEMA funded emergency dredging and debris removal along the West Fork of the San Jacinto River near Kingwood, Texas. Last week, over 150 trucks begin moving in floating barges and 24 inch diameter High Density Polyethylene Pipes. Corps safety officials are asking the public to refrain from visiting the active construction site. The movement of large machinery and increase in vehicular traffic present safety concerns. Dredges will begin operations on September 1, 2018 and recreational boaters are asked to be aware of debris and dredge activity.

USACE Galveston District’s Employee Spotlight on Terri McFetridge

GALVESTON, Texas (August 1, 2018) – New to the Corps of Engineers, Teresa (Terri) McFetridge joins the Galveston District as the Budget Officer in the Resources Management Division. Although she has only been with the Corps for a few months, she has been in her career field and with the Federal Government for 30 years.

“I started my career with the Navy under the Junior Fellowship Program” said McFetridge “My high school counselor suggested I fill out the application. We worked with the Navy during our summer, Christmas, and spring break and upon college graduation I was guaranteed a job with the Navy”

McFetridge started with the federal government as a GS-2 and worked her way up to Comptroller, which she explains is equivalent to a Resource Management Officer in the Corps.

“I decided to leave the Navy for a job opportunity with the Corps because I wanted to be closer to my family in Texas” said McFetridge “After being with the Navy for so long I wanted to challenge myself to a new experience.”

As the Budget Officer, McFetridge is currently working on the Fiscal Year 19 Operating Budget to ensure resources are available to meet the Corps’ mission.

“Budget principles and fiscal laws are the same across agencies. I find it fascinating to be this far in my career and be in the midst of learning outside the Navy” said McFetridge “I’ve transitioned from Navy command to Navy command with similar fiscal challenges, different staffs. This transition is completely different and I’m excited to be here.”

McFetridge earned her Bachelor in Business Administration at our Lady of the Lake University in 1991 and an Executive Master of Business Administration at the Naval Postgraduate School in 2009.

In her free time she enjoys traveling, going to concerts, and spending time with her family.