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Tulsa District earns Chief of Engineers Safety Award of Honor

USACE Tulsa District

The annual Chief of Engineers Safety Awards recognize the top achievers in U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Program management.

Tulsa District was one of two districts that received the 2015 Safety Award of Honor.

The Award of Excellence is presented to the division, district, and/or Laboratory/Center that, through their efforts, has attained the overall best performance in their safety and health program. Recipients of the award of honor are presented to those organizations who were judged to have exemplary safety and health programs.

Nominees were judged by their innovation, safety culture, and achievements in protecting lives, preventing property loss, and safeguarding the well-being of our USACE teammates.

The Special Recognition Award recognizes an individual or unit for a specific outstanding safety program or safety achievement.

Award- Chief of Engineers Award of Honor – District Category:    Tulsa District and Alaska District

USACE Outstanding Knowledge Management Professional of the Year 2016

By Tulsa District PAO

Melissa Bryan-Manske, a systems coordinator, in the Plans Program and Management Division  was awarded the Outstanding Knowledge Management Professional of the Year by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Bryan-Manske demonstrated a high level of desire and commitment to advancing, advocating and implementing Knowledge Management Processes and principles across the Tulsa District, the Southwestern Division and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She developed the organization’s 2015 Flood Fight Wiki page and the established the Tulsa District’s Knowledge Management Advisory Committee.

Melissa has shown exceptional mentoring and collaboration across the District and Division. Her efforts have been recognized at the highest levels of the Corps of Engineers as best practices for knowledge management.