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Corps Conducts Sediment Source Workshop with Partner Agencies

GALVESTON, Texas (December 6, 2018) –The US Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston District, partnered with the Bureau of Ocean and Energy Management (BOEM), Gulf of Mexico Outer Continental Shelf (GoM OCS) Region, Texas General Land Office (TGLO), and the Offshore Operators Committee (OOC), to conduct a GoM sediment resource-offshore infrastructure two-day partnering workshop on November 29 and 30, 2018. The intent was for synchronizing the needs of planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining coastal storm risk management projects, coastal ecosystem restoration projects, and offshore oil and gas infrastructure projects, across the GoM from the long term planning perspective.

Science, data requirements, workflows, and tools were identified for development and integration among the partnering agencies in synch with the needs of the Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study, anticipating these long lead item needs for use in the Pre-construction, Engineering, and Design (PED) phase, after production of a Chief’s Report during Fiscal Year 21. This information will be pivotal to engineering, economic, and environmental analyses of coastal dune features that have potential to be part of a coastal barrier plan.

Barry Obiol, Deputy Director of BOEM’s GoM OCS Region, indicated that the purpose of the workshop is an agency priority, considering the growing needs for identifying offshore sand sources for coastal projects, while facilitating the needs of the offshore oil and gas industry in developing and managing infrastructure in the GoM.

Ray Newby, Coastal Geologist with TGLO’s Coastal Resources Program, expressed appreciation for this event being organized to proactively derive consistency between State and Federal agencies, with TGLO having responsibilities for managing coastal resources and offshore infrastructure management in Texas.

“We look forward to the coast of Texas being a pilot initiative into this process,” said Newby. “Which is much needed to identify the sand resources for projects being advanced under a number of different coastal programs”.

The TGLO is the non-Federal sponsor for the Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study.

The Executive Director of the OOC, Evan Zimmerman, organized participation by the offshore industry to ensure that a shared vision between industry and agencies was cultivated to meet the workshop intent.

“With industry and coastal resource agencies working together for synchronizing their activities in the GoM, we will collectively arrive at more efficient and effective solutions to reduce coastal storm damage risks and promote a sustainable offshore oil and gas industry” said Zemmerman.

Edmond Russo, deputy district engineer for Programs and Project Management, at USACE Galveston District, worked with the District team and the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center to establish work flows, identify data requirements, and propose tools for enabling the follow through for synchronizing industry with agencies into the future.

“We want to set the pace here in Texas on America’s Energy Coast for ensuring an abundant supply of offshore GoM sand to build and maintain coastal projects that deliver Value to the Nation, in balance with meeting the needs of the offshore industry to develop and produce oil and gas” concluded Russo.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From Brig. Gen. Paul E. Owen. SWD Commander

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday, distinctly American, that dates back to  the very beginning of our country.  It  kicks off our holiday season, with a marked emphasis on home, family and friends, and counting our blessings.

We all have lots of  blessings.  Sometimes we forget them in our busy schedules and must stop to recall them.  In the Southwestern Division, we are blessed with a great workforce and a great mission, one that contributes so much and makes a real difference in our communities and for our service members.

Please keep our soldiers and USACE civilians who are deployed overseas and those who are serving in response to  natural disasters in your prayers this Thanksgiving.   It isn’t easy to be far from home on this  holiday.  While we are enjoying gatherings with family and friends, they are standing for our freedom in faraway lands and helping our fellow Americans during a time of need.

Wherever your Thanksgiving destination takes you, make sure that you travel safely.

To our Pacesetter workforce, our sponsors and stakeholders and all the communities that we serve, I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving,  spent with family and friends, and  enriched with many blessings.


Paul E. Owen, P.E.
Brigadier General, US Army Corps of Engineers
Commander, Southwestern Division