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San Jacinto River West Fork Dredging Project- Value Engineering Study

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers conduct a value engineering study prior to scheduled dredging operations to mitigate flooding risks near the West Fork of the San Jacinto River.

Galveston District Value Engineer Jacob Walsdorf narrates the results of the three-day event that included hydraulic engineers, contracting representatives and project managers. Engineers captured data from survey teams and aerial views and utilized Hydraulic modeling software to better understand areas needing dredging to reduce flood risks.

The study concluded May 4, 2018 and now allows Corps Officials to begin the contracting process for the dredging project.

Inside Tulsa District Reservoirs

Tulsa District Public Affairs

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Episode #4 – How does the Corps work on navigation locks that have water in them all of the time?

Episode #5 – Why does Tulsa District have volunteers? Watch this video to find out!

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