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Engineer Week Spotlight: Amit Dash

Amit Dash Chief, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Design Section
Amit Dash Chief, Mechanical/Electrical Engineering Design Section

Why did you choose engineering as a profession?

I enjoyed math and science and seeing the evolution of a design on paper turn into reality. I chose mechanical engineering because of the wide arena of prospects it offers, such as aerospace, automotive and facilities.
How did you end up at the Little Rock District and what is your work experience or background?

I grew up in northwest Arkansas and have family in Little Rock, so this is home. Prior to coming here, I was with the Corps at the Kansas City District as a mechanical engineer, where I had the opportunity to design the HVAC and plumbing systems for various military facilities as well as provide mechanical support for civil works projects.

Previously I have also worked in the private sector doing maintenance engineering at an oil refinery as well as designing components of aircraft engines.
How do you “engineer” things in your daily life?

I enjoy trying to find an optimum solution to a challenge or making an improvement, whether it be around the house, on my car, or even while traveling. The process of identifying possible solutions and seeing an idea to fruition is very rewarding.

What’s your favorite thing about your position in the district?

I get to support the needs of many different customers, both within our district and regionally.

What are you overseeing or working on that will impact the district or another community’s quality of life in the future?

One such example is a lighting replacement project at Millwood Dam, where the existing roadway lighting, wiring, and electrical components that were originally installed will be replaced with new energy efficient LED lighting. This new system will be designed to provide improved illumination of the dam’s roadway while conserving energy.

USACE Galveston District awards $1.6 million contract for placement area dewatering

GALVESTON, Texas (Feb. 23, 2016) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District awarded a small business contract in the amount of $1,684,300 to Shoreline Foundation Inc., for dewatering of Dredged Material Placement Area 14 in Chambers County, Texas.

“Dewatering allows for the outflow of excess water which helps to consolidate material within the site and increase the placement area’s capacity to hold more dredge material from the Houston Ship Channel for future dredging contracts,” said Tricia Campbell, an operations manager with the USACE Galveston District’s Navigation Branch. “This process is part of the district’s Disposal Area Management Practices which ensures placement areas are prepared for future dredging activities.”

Dewatering contracts are a key component of the Corps’ overall management of dredged material placement areas. Each year, the USACE Galveston District dredges approximately 30 to 40 million cubic yards of material from Texas channels to fulfill its mission of keeping waterways open for navigation and commerce (benefiting 28 ports handling 500 million tons of commerce annually).

Work is scheduled to begin in March 2016 and is expected to be completed by August 2016.

The USACE Galveston District was established in 1880 as the first engineer district in Texas to oversee river and harbor improvements. The district is directly responsible for maintaining more than 1,000 miles of channel, including 250 miles of deep draft and 750 miles of shallow draft as well as the Colorado River Locks and Brazos River Floodgates.

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