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Baldi receives Fort Worth District Engineer of Year Award

By Shannon Hays
Fort Worth District
Public Affairs Office

Loree Baldi had no idea why her picture was being taken in preparation of the annual award ceremony. She did not learn that she was being given the Engineer of the Year award until she looked through the program as she found her seat for the ceremony. Luckily enough, Baldi’s mother was able to attend, since she has been working for the summer at the Corps.

Baldi has worked with the Corps since she graduated from the University of Memphis with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering. “Beginning with her job as a summer appointment technician, and now in her current position as Chief of the Dam and Levee Safety Section, Ms. Baldi continues to perform to the highest standards, and in doing so inspires her colleagues to do the same,” said supervisor, Mark Black. After 15 years of service, being awarded as the Engineer of the Year “is definitely one of my proudest moments,” she said, “which was a surprise to me and I feel honored.”

As the Chief of the Dam and Levee Safety Section, “my current role at the Fort Worth District entails assisting the Branch Chief in management of planning, scoping, development, and direction of the Branch’s current and out-year projects for military, civil works, dam safety, levee safety, and work for others,” Baldi said.

In addition to her role in dam and levee safety, she is also responsible for “supervision of assigned geotechnical engineering and geological phases of the District’s design program,” Baldi said. She previously was the Assistant Chief of the Geotechnical Branch shortly after it became a standalone branch and was then promoted to Acting Chief of Dam and Levee Safety Section the following year.

Lt. Col. Clay Morgan, Acting Commander for the Fort Worth District presents Loree Baldi with the Fort Worth District Engineer of the Year award.
Lt. Col. Clay Morgan, Acting Commander for the Fort Worth District presents Loree Baldi with the Fort Worth District Engineer of the Year award.

On a daily basis, Baldi is responsible for overseeing project planning, design, and execution, supervising studies, and “coordination and control over workload planning, the design program, and the Quality Management Program,” Baldi said. According to her supervisors, she has been a vital component in the success of the dam and levee safety programs.

Baldi has many mentors that are instrumental to her career, like “Jan Berry (Memphis District-retired), Mark Black (Fort Worth District), and Brian Kamisato (Southwestern Division and Fort Worth District),” Baldi said. With the help of these mentors, she was able to reach this achievement so early in her career. Baldi hopes to continue her career at the Corps until she retires while growing in management and facing new challenges.

After record crest, The Little Rock District begins process of lowering Millwood Lake

Millwood Lake
Millwood Lake

ASHDOWN, Ark. – The Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District began larger releases from Millwood Lake after flood waters downstream receded.  Millwood crested June 14 at 282.9 feet, a new pool of record elevation.  The Corps will continue to increase releases from Millwood, as channel capacity allows, until the lake elevation is back down to elevation 259 feet, the top of its conservation pool.

Currently, 38,500 cubic feet per second of captured flood water is being released from Millwood Lake.  This amount will change as the Red River conditions change in accordance with the Millwood Lake water control plan.

“We are coordinating closely with the Tulsa and Vicksburg districts to ensure that our releases don’t increase the risk of flooding downstream,” said Hydrologic Engineer Aaron Short. “Millwood Lake is doing its job of holding storm runoff until we can release it in a controlled manner once we have channel capacity downstream.”

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