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USACE Galveston District Real Estate Video

NEW Real Estate Application Form: The Real Estate Division is pleased to introduce its new Real Estate Application. This video is designed to help applicants seeking to use government-controlled property within the Galveston District’s area of responsibility to provide the specific information needed to assess such requests.

Log on to www.swg.usace.army.mil to download the Frequently Asked Questions or email us at SWG-RE@USACE.Army.mil for more information and to provide us with feedback concerning this updated application. You can also contact Alfonso.V.Moreno@usace.army.mil or call 409-766-3023.

USACE Outstanding Knowledge Management Professional of the Year 2016

By Tulsa District PAO

Melissa Bryan-Manske, a systems coordinator, in the Plans Program and Management Division  was awarded the Outstanding Knowledge Management Professional of the Year by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Bryan-Manske demonstrated a high level of desire and commitment to advancing, advocating and implementing Knowledge Management Processes and principles across the Tulsa District, the Southwestern Division and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. She developed the organization’s 2015 Flood Fight Wiki page and the established the Tulsa District’s Knowledge Management Advisory Committee.

Melissa has shown exceptional mentoring and collaboration across the District and Division. Her efforts have been recognized at the highest levels of the Corps of Engineers as best practices for knowledge management.