USACE Galveston District Employee Spotlight on Kathy Adams

Kathy Adams is an administrative professional in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District’s Resource Management Office.
Kathy Adams is an administrative professional in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District’s Resource Management Office.

It’s often said it’s the people who make an organization great. After meeting Kathy Adams, an administrative professional in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District’s Resource Management Office, you’ll understand why so many people love working for the Corps.

A U.S. Air Force retiree, Adams has a deep sense of pride to be a part of a military organization entrusted with providing vital public engineering services in peace and war to strengthen the nation’s security, energize the economy and reduce risks from disasters.

“I work in a diverse office with a multitude of tasks and responsibili­ties,” said Adams. “I maintain a flexible attitude and am equipped to handle difficult or stressful situations by staying focused on the task at hand – to support those who execute our robust mission along the Texas coast.”

As the administrative assistant for the Resource Management Office and the Administrative and Advisory Offices, she is responsible for heavy workloads consisting of purchasing, preparing travel orders and vouchers and preparing training requests. Because of her multitasking ability and competency, she is successful with completing various assignments. Oper­ating under tight deadlines, she always gets the job done on time.

“I’m committed to providing top-notch customer service,” said Adams. “I take great pride in my work and often complete tasks with limited supervision, gladly accepting new work assignments and completing all tasks from start to finish.”

Adams’ reputation as an ambitious administrative professional has garnered the trust and confidence of management and enabled her to effec­tively provide sought-after support concerning a broad range of adminis­trative needs.

“My administrative background enables me to quickly learn her new tasks,” said Adams. “Whether I’m independently planning, prioritizing and carrying out administrative assignments in accordance with established Army policies and procedures or ensuring day-to-day administrative tasks are accomplished on time in order to manage workload and meet dead­lines, I am staunchly committed to upholding the integrity of my profes­sion.”

As a timekeeper, Adams assists the resource management staff with timekeeping questions or issues; audits timesheets to ensure reported time is accurately entered into the Corps’ financial management system and all required supporting documentation is attached.

“I interact and assists customers from every division and branch within the USACE Galveston District,” said Adams. “I tend to customers to ensure their needs are met in a timely manner or direct them to someone who is able to assist them – routinely resolving any issues, even if it isn’t in my ‘job description.’”

According to Adam’s supervisor, Rob Derrane, she is a person of integrity and one who places concern for others above her own; she genu­inely works to provide the Corps with top-notch administrative support at all levels.

One example of this was when she accepted, without hesitation, the responsibility to assist the district’s information technology department when they were in need assistance to purchase supplies, products and equipment for the district.

“As the training coordinator, I prepare training requests for staff; as­sist with preparing the Resource Management Office’s annual training plan; ensure staff stay current on Army mandatory training requirements and annotated completed courses in the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System,” said Adams. “Additionally, as the office property coordinator, I conduct property inventories; maintain equipment inventory in the Auto­mated Personal Property Management System; prepare hand receipts for incoming and outgoing property; maintain hand receipts for staff; excess property and perform other tasks as requested by the district’s property manager.”

Adams’ steadfast commitment to the organization and commitment to the district’s mission can be seen in all of her work. Always cheerful and dependable, she successfully incorporates the Army Corps values and belief in hard work into her professional and personal life, making her a highly reliable individual both on and off the clock.

In addition to her normal work duties, Adams has volunteered to be the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree coordinator for the district to help ensure un­derprivileged children received Christmas gifts during the holiday season.

Adams is a well-rounded administrative professional with a diverse work background who continues to seek advancement opportunities within the Corps. Adams completed the Department of the Army Civilian Educa­tion System’s Basic Course through distance learning and is currently enrolled in a college-level course, Principles of Financial Accounting (maintaining an A grade). In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her dogs.

Addicks and Barker construction update

GALVESTON, Texas (Oct. 29, 2015) – In the coming days, the public can expect to see construction impacts to the hike and bike trail system located at both the Addicks and Barker dams and reservoirs in Houston.

“Work will occur on the dams and areas adjacent to the dams that double as recreational sites such as George Bush and Bear Creek parks and our primary objective is to maintain public safety both by ensuring that the dams we own and operate are safe and that risks to the public are minimized,” said Natural Resource Manager Richard Long, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District. “We ask the public for patience while we replace the water control structures.”

According to Long, Granite Construction will begin preparing the area along the west side of the Corps’ Highway 6 parking lot at Buffalo Bayou, which provides parking and access for the Terry Hershey Park and the Barker Dam/George Bush Park hike and bike trails.

“Granite Construction will be installing temporary construction offices, clearing the vegetation in the area, removing three sidewalks (which serve the trail system) and installing fencing around the office perimeter,” said Long. “The public will no longer be able to use these three sidewalks however, the parking lot and public access to the trail system along the south end of the parking lot will remain available without change for the next few months.”

Long stated that even though access to the trail system will remain available on the south end of the parking lot, construction activities including the movement of heavy trucks and equipment in and out of the area will be occurring and caution should be exercised.

“The public should use extreme care while entering and leaving the parking lot with their vehicles and entering and leaving the trail system by foot or on bicycle,” said Long. “Additional changes to the trail system will be necessary as construction progresses and every reasonable effort will be made to inform the public in advance of these changes.”

The USACE Galveston District awarded a contract in the amount of $71,902,340 to Granite Construction Company for construction of new outlet structures at the Addicks and Barker Dams in west Houston. The contract was awarded in August 2015 and is expected to be completed in 2019.

The public is encouraged to contact staff at the Addicks Field Office at 281-497-0740. For additional information about the Addicks and Barker Dam Safety Program, please visit; email or call 409-766-3004 or find us on Facebook at For news and information, visit Find us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter,