USACE Galveston District notification of Texas City floodwall damage

GALVESTON, Texas (May 5, 2016) – The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District conducted a routine inspection of the Texas City and Vicinity Hurricane Flood Protection Project in February 2016 and identified damage to a small section of the Texas City floodwall.

“Our preliminary assessment indicates that a section of floodwall has moved,” said Scott Leimer, Levee Safety Program manager for the USACE Galveston District. “The movement of the floodwall and adjacent industrial infrastructure and dock has raised concerns on the stability of the area. We are working with Galveston County, the City of Texas City and industrial stakeholders to complete additional analysis of the impacted area and develop interim measures to reduce the risk associated with this section of damaged floodwall.”

Leimer explained that updates will be provided on a regular interval and as additional analysis is completed.

“We’re working with the stakeholders to have an interim measure in place as soon as possible,” said Leimer. “The interim measure will allow the system to function as designed and ensure it continues to reduce flood risk to the public.”

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USACE Galveston District spotlight on Paulette Higgins

GALVESTON, Texas (May 12 2016) – For Corpus Christi Resident Office Project Assistant Paulette Higgins, coming to work for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District meant an opportunity to launch a new career.

“I wanted something challenging and rewarding, so I read up on the Corps and liked what I read,” said Higgins. “I applied to the CCRO project assistant position and was selected to interview. I hoped I would get the opportunity to work for such a dynamic place so when I was offered the job, I took it, even though it was a demotion from my previous administrative job.”

Higgins oversees a variety of administrative and clerical tasks for CCRO ranging from timekeeping and attendance records to the procurement of supplies and maintaining inventory control. However, one of the most important aspects to her job includes assisting the resident engineer and Navigation Branch team supervisor with the submission of annual performance appraisals.

“I strive for excellence and perfection in everything I do, from the smallest detail to the most important parts of my job,” said Higgins. “I understand that minor routine tasks contribute to the CCRO accomplishing its mission of maintaining deep and shallow draft channels and that we directly work to ensure that the Port of Corpus Christi, ranked sixth in the nation for tonnage shipped, continues to stay open for commercial and recreational navigation.”

In terms of her future career aspirations, she wants to continue expanding her contributions to the USACE Galveston District’s mission.

“I want to continue to grow professionally here at the Corps and learn as much as I can from my peers,” said Higgins. “I would like to one day be in an administrative position with more responsibility and duties with the Corps. I love what I do.”

A native of Virginia, she continues to put the needs of others first both on and off the clock and dedicates her personal time to raising money to help find a cure for cancer, noting that several of her family members are currently fighting cancer. In her free time, she enjoys entertaining and is always looking for a reason to throw a party.