Roberts named Real Estate Professional of the Year

Fort Worth, Texas native Randy L. Roberts has been named the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) Real Estate Professional of the Year. Roberts’ exemplary and exceptional service to the U.S. Army, Real Estate Community of Practice, and to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division (SWD) elevated him to top honors.

“Roberts’ personal efforts and skill level go above and beyond the call of duty,” said Southwestern Division Commander Brig. Gen. David C. Hill. “His achievements reflect SWD’s azimuth as a respected organization that develops and cares for our people.”

The Real Estate Professional of the Year award is given to a USACE real estate employee who exemplifies the best traditions of real estate service to the nation in the performance of a specific act or consistently exemplary acts during the previous 12-month period – the “best of the best.” 

“Randy’s exemplary work and guidance on multiple high cost, high profile projects and his consistent contributions to training within the community of practice led to his recommendation for the award and ultimately being named Real Estate Professional of the Year,” said Southwestern Division Chief of Real Estate, Paula Johnson-Muic.

Roberts’ work on a Fort Hood, Texas energy project, the Army’s largest energy project, provided direct benefits to the Army and Department of Defense by meeting their renewable energy goals and enhancing energy security at the installation.

“The Corps’ vision – ‘Engineering Solutions for our Nation’s Toughest challenges’ – is one that helps us demonstrate our value to the nation,” said Southwestern Division Director of Programs Mark L. Mazzanti. “Roberts is making an important contribution to streamlining business processes, providing reliable solutions, and improving delivery.”

Roberts led the SWD’s efforts to improve data quality and portfolio management that addressed challenges associated with backlog out-grant execution, shortfalls in funding, data anomalies and other geospatial and land tract data requirements, tracking progress and providing suggested solution sets. Roberts’ efforts led the division’s regional team to meet the Army Military Land Tract Army Audit requirements for fiscal year 2016, including GIS data submissions.

“Roberts’ contributions directly support the Corps’ goals to deliver innovative, resilient, and sustainable solutions to the Department of Defense and the nation,” said Hill. “His ability to set the standard by delivering quality solutions and services will help the Corps build ready and resilient employees and teams in the future.”

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