Hill named USACE Emergency Manager of the Year

Tony Hill, Chief of Emergency Management for the Little Rock District, was recently named 2015 Emergency Manager of the Year by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Headquarters.

His recognition as Emergency Manager of the Year spotlights his role as the contingency operations program manager for Little Rock District during day-to-day operations and in support of disaster response operations around the world.

Tony Hill

Tony Hill

In 2015 Hill developed a waterway incident exercise for the McClellan Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System that brought approximately 82 participants together from the navigation industry, the State of Arkansas, Oklahoma, the U.S. Coast Guard, and Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division to initiate discussion with regard to the Water Resource Development Act 2014, Section 1024 for accepting contributions from industry during an emergency situation on the waterway. Hill directed the development of an exercise playbook for participants to include discussion points that encouraged the navigation industry to identify actions that they could take at different times during the incident to help keep the navigation system open or shorten the duration of any waterway closure. Inclusion of the legal and money people from USACE helped to clarify how contributions from industry could be accepted in accordance with the new guidance.

Hill planned, coordinated and executed major aspects of the District’s response to two flood events on the Arkansas and White rivers in 2015. The May and the December flood events both rivalled the June of 1990 event with the December flood becoming the number two flood event and May the number three flood event since the McClellan-Kerr Arkansas River Navigation System was established.

During both events, Hill worked diligently with Engineering and Construction and Operations Divisions and the Southwestern Division to provide meaningful briefing products so that USACE would have a good picture of what was happening in the southwestern region along with that of the rest of the country.  Several of the inputs for the briefing slides were modified to tell a better story of the ongoing flood fight.


Hill served as the Emergency Management Subject Matter Expert on two Civil Military Emergency Preparedness events in Central Asia assisting them with building their capacity to internally manage natural and man-made disasters as well as to provide disasters assistance to other nations in their region should they be requested.

He also served on a 90-day development assignment at Headquarters USACE coordinating with FEMA on new mission assignments and development of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Corps and the Civil Air Patrol.

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