USACE Galveston District earns Army Community Relations award

The USACE Galveston District earned the U.S Army’s Keith L. Ware Award in the Community Relations category for its Addicks and Barker Dam Safety campaign.

Barker Reservoir

Barker Reservoir

The public announcement of the USACE Dam Safety Program’s reclassification of the Addicks and Barker dams to Dam Safety Action Classification System to Extremely High Risk, presented staff with the challenge of communicating the findings to inform 1.2 million residents in the nation’s fourth largest city of risks associated with living downstream of the dams, the $4,432,245 short-term interim risk reduction measures in store and the $75-100 million long-term construction plan to reinforce the nearly 70-year-old structures while maintaining the Corps’ reputation and relevancy as an organization that makes public safety a top priority and adds value to the nation.

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