Fourth Quarter USACE Executive Governance Meeting – Leading Organizational Change

This year, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Southwestern Division sent Emerging Leader Jared Trammell from the Little Rock District and Project Manager Diana Stevens from the Galveston District to the Fourth Quarter USACE Executive Governance Meeting in Washington.

Trammell and Stevens were asked to share their experience following the meeting. Below are their comments.

Galveston District Project Manager Diana Stevens

The invitation to attend was a rare honor and opportunity. It was very interesting to witness one of the highest-level communication events conducted by our organization.

The Hon. Patrick Murphy, Under Secretary of the Army, gave the keynote address, providing his view of the future direction of the Army and emphasizing USACE’s critical role in furthering the greater Army mission. Throughout the meeting sessions, virtually every USACE business line (and even some sister agency challenges and victories) were addressed and considered by the attendees. Potential technological and training advancements were also presented and discussed.

This ECG was the first for Lt. Gen. Todd T. Semonite in the role of commanding general and chief of engineers. As such, he shared some details about his leadership style as well as his priorities and vision for the next four years. He emphasized accountability, effectiveness and efficiency in order to facilitate a more nimble and flexible agency. Clearly valuing innovation, he embraced the breaking of paradigms and encouraged the same of those under his command.

Attending this meeting afforded me the rare 30,000-feet view of the communication and decision making processes of the agency. It also helped me get a better sense of the direction Lt. Gen. Semonite wants us all to be headed for in the next four years. I’m looking forward to bringing this insight back to my division and team to help do our part to make his vision a reality.

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