Brig. Gen. David C. Hill comments on #SWDCommandWeek

This week we’re at the Broken Arrow Armed Forces Reserve Center in Oklahoma, where we are about to kick off the Southwestern Division’s Fall Command Week.  Twice a year we hold these Command Weeks to discuss and align our regional priorities and have an “azimuth check” for our organization.

This is where we take a hard look at our strategic initiatives and try to answer the hard questions that come with accomplishing our goals. This week we’ll look at our critical vulnerabilities, our legal constraints, regional reputation, stakeholder requirements, and how to empower a high quality workforce.

At this meeting, we are honing in on Organizational Culture and Organizational Change.  Why?  Because the better we are as an organization, the more finely tuned and focused, then the better we are at performing our jobs for you.  A stronger workforce means that we are more efficient at completing projects, more effective at building strong relationships with customers and stakeholders,   more successful at delivering value to all the communities that we serve!

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