SWT hosts supervisor training workshop

By Preston L. Chasteen
Public Affairs, Tulsa District, USACE
TULSA, Okla. – The Southwestern Division, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sponsored a three day training event at the Tulsa Air National Guard Base, Oct. 25-27, focused on cultivating a high performance culture within the SWD region.
The Southwestern Division pilot program is an initiative of SWD Commander, Brig. Gen. David C. Hill and the SWD Human Capital Committee, in an effort to develop critical competencies for supervisors and leaders within the various SWD districts. This initiative is being led by Benjamin Bracken, SWD Director of Human Resources, and Frederick Olison, SWD Chief of Staff.
Benjamin Bracken, SWD Director of Human Resources

Benjamin Bracken, SWD Director of Human Resources

Training modules covered topics ranging from defining a high-performance climate, to performance expectations and development.
“The workshop was really worthwhile because it reinforces what we’ve already learned as supervisors and provides us with new tools as leaders to assist our people in being the best they can be by producing an environment conducive to success,” stated Neldia Watson, Tulsa District’s Equal Employment Opportunity Chief.  “It was a great workshop and I would highly encourage supervisors to attend if they have the opportunity.”
In addition to the formal training conducted, several modules allowed for breakout groups to get hands-on training and put to use the information being taught with interactive scenarios.
Instructors for the course were selected from Tulsa, Little Rock and Galveston districts and comprised a variety of backgrounds as well as a demonstrated passion for managing, leading and developing employees.


The curriculum was based on competencies and practices that have received poor ratings in past surveys, town halls, and sensing sessions.
The course is intended to eventually be available to all SWD supervisors and is being re-evaluated as necessary based on instructor and student feedback.
This 3 day event was primarily made up of attendees from the Tulsa District, but also included personnel from other SWD districts.

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