LTG Semonite National Engineers Week

Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, USACE Commanding General and 54th U.S. Army Chief of Engineers, discusses National Engineers Week, which is observed every February.

Happy National Engineers Week 2017! Thank you for pushing the limits of your ingenuity and innovation as we continue to step-up to solve our nation’s toughest challenges.

I’m proud to have all 34,000 of you in our ranks — leaders of superior integrity and technical competence. Thank you for the outstanding accomplishments you achieve in service to the American people, our warfighters, our economy, and the environment.

Since it is National Engineers Week, I want to take a moment to highlight our Engineers: From the Panama Canal to NASA facilities to life-saving structural protection technologies used in the Pentagon, some of our nation’s most impressive achievements are the work of USACE engineers. Thank you for your commitment to life-long learning and professional excellence. I am excited to hear that in 2016, alone, more than 120 of our teammates stepped-up to become licensed as Professional Engineers.

We all have an important role to play in securing the Nation, energizing our economy, reducing risks related to disasters, and preparing for tomorrow. Since engineering relies heavily on mathematics and science education, and too few students are choosing STEM subjects and careers, I encourage you to look for ways you can help students and teachers explore engineering. We know learning happens everywhere — both inside and outside of formal school settings, so go forth and inspire the next generations of engineers for military and public service.

No matter your job series, military occupational specialty, grade or rank – in whatever you do for USACE – never forget that YOU are an important part of the engineer family. I deeply admire your commitment to our Army values and our mission. I am convinced the value and power of the Corps is not in the projects we build and maintain; it is not measured in concrete and steel… it is measured by the passion and commitment in the hearts of our people.

Please see my video thanking you for all you do to make the Army Corps of Engineers Building Strong everyday and participate in local events to celebrate this great week, if you can.

Happy Engineers Week 2017! Keep pushing the limits of your ingenuity and innovation.


Vr LTG Todd T. Semonite

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