Happy Thanksgiving!

From Brig. Gen. Paul E. Owen. SWD Commander

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday, distinctly American, that dates back to  the very beginning of our country.  It  kicks off our holiday season, with a marked emphasis on home, family and friends, and counting our blessings.

We all have lots of  blessings.  Sometimes we forget them in our busy schedules and must stop to recall them.  In the Southwestern Division, we are blessed with a great workforce and a great mission, one that contributes so much and makes a real difference in our communities and for our service members.

Please keep our soldiers and USACE civilians who are deployed overseas and those who are serving in response to  natural disasters in your prayers this Thanksgiving.   It isn’t easy to be far from home on this  holiday.  While we are enjoying gatherings with family and friends, they are standing for our freedom in faraway lands and helping our fellow Americans during a time of need.

Wherever your Thanksgiving destination takes you, make sure that you travel safely.

To our Pacesetter workforce, our sponsors and stakeholders and all the communities that we serve, I wish you a safe and happy Thanksgiving,  spent with family and friends, and  enriched with many blessings.


Paul E. Owen, P.E.
Brigadier General, US Army Corps of Engineers
Commander, Southwestern Division

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