Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated® Beta Pi Omega Chapter Induction into the Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame

Courtesy of Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame

Sandra Easter, Little Rock District Chief of Contracting’s sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated Beta Pi Omega Chapter was inducted into the Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame on Thursday Aug. 29 2019.

Sandra Easter, Little Rock District Chief of Contracting, directs a multi-million dollar contracting program on behalf of the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers, where she was recently recognized for 40 years of dedicated professional service. Easter is also a life member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated ® and a current member of the Beta Pi Omega Chapter. On 29 August 2019, Easter, along with members of her sorority, were inducted into the Arkansas Women’s Hall of Fame for their commitment to providing supreme service to all mankind in their community. The goal of AWOF is to honor, in perpetuity, women whose contributions have influenced the direction of Arkansas in their community and state.

Chartered in Little Rock in 1937, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority’s Beta Pi Omega Chapter is the oldest graduate chapter in the state of Arkansas and is committed to providing assistance to families, students, and organizations in the community. The chapter’s 265 members spearhead service projects, health fairs, workshops, education program, voter awareness and drives, cleanups and fundraisers and donate their time money to improving life for future generations.

Beta Pi Omega members are trailblazers in the fields of education, math, science, health, public service, and business. From their positions in the community, they advocate for positive change in families, neighborhoods, schools and churches.

Easter has served in diverse capacities to champion and improve the lives of people in her community, through the collective body of her sorority. She has had the privilege of leading efforts and activities to help women in domestic violence shelters, families in homeless shelters, children with incarcerated parents, children aging out of foster care; and, she witnessed changes in legislation, at the Arkansas State Capitol, to protect human trafficking victims. She has led activities to introduce non-traditional entrepreneurs who have turned passions into profits. In December 2018, she served as co-chairman to help raise thousands of dollars, to provide scholarships to deserving students in the local community, and support other programs that benefit the community. This fundraiser falls under the auspices of the funding raise arm of the sorority, the Ivy Foundation of Little Rock. Ms. Easter is passionate about her service and support to her sorority.

She was elated that her beloved sorority received such a prestigious honor for what they do naturally. She said, Alpha Kappa Alpha women have served as change agents for their local communities, regionally and internationally, for over a century.

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