Soila Reando is Getting Ready to Retire after 38 Years of Federal Service.

Soila Reando is the Small Business Chief for the Little Rock District.

Each year in the United States, Hispanic Heritage month is observed from Sept.15 to Oct. 15. It is a celebration of the histories, cultures, and contributions of American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America. In honor of this celebration month, we wanted to take a moment to highlight Soila Reando for her many contributions to the district.
Reando is the small business chief for the Little Rock District. Her job entails ensuring that money from the Corps is being spent locally with small business owners. In 2019, Reando was responsible for $187 million dollars secured for small business owners.

Reando grew up in San Antonio, Texas, comes from a well-educated family, and is the youngest of three sisters. Her oldest sister has a Doctorate in Educational Administration, and both Reando and her middle sister have a Bachelors in Business Administration. She joined the Air Force right out of high school in 1980, and was a C130 Hydraulics Mechanic for the first 3 years of her military career.

Reando at technical school for hydraulics training at Chanute Air Force Base, in Illinois, circa 1981.

Reando spent 12 years serving in the Air Force, where during that time she cross trained into contracting and spent the rest of her military career as a contract specialist. She transitioned into civil service shortly thereafter.
During her civil service career, Reando has worked for the United States Department of Agriculture, Veterans Affairs, Air Force, and the Corps of Engineers. She has 38 years combined military and civil service experience.
She councils small business owners who want to do business with USACE as well as any other Federal agencies on how the contracting process works and also provides them with various other resources.

A fun fact about Reando is that she was a volleyball player when she went to technical school at Chanute Air Force Base in Illinois. She was offered a spot to try out for the Air Force volleyball training camp in Denver, CO. “I’m only 5’1 and most volleyball players are between 5’8-6’0 tall. So it was unheard of for someone my size to be invited to try out!”
After 38 years of hard work and dedication, Reando is getting ready to retire. When asked what she plans on doing during retirement she said, “Watching my grandbabies and just enjoying life.”

“Soila is a consummate professional who has served the Nation for 38 years. Her hard work and dedication are greatly appreciated and she is a joy to be around, she will be missed in the Little Rock District,” said Lt. Col. Wade Welsh deputy commander of the Little Rock District.

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